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6 common FAQs on Light Therapy

If you are diagnosed with Seasonal Affective Disorder, the first thing that your doctor is likely to prescribe you is Light Therapy. It has long proved its efficacy as one of the treatment methods to treat your depressive state of mind. But you may find it difficult to initiate it right away! There may be a few questions that you might feel hesitant to ask your doctor! Perhaps getting the answers on them will actually give you more assurance on the effectiveness of this therapy. Read on to find some of them answered, here and now!

Does Light Therapy for SAD work?

The light therapy involves exposure to extremely bright lights under controlled conditions. Here, you need to sit and work near a light therapy lamp or box for around an hour. This device mimics the outdoor natural light.

Researches have been conducted in more than 15 clinics and centers in USA and abroad, where it is stated that light therapy brings much success within maximum one week to SAD patients.

Are special bulbs used for SAD light therapy?

Light therapy uses special lamps, whose fluorescent bulb emits at least 10,000 lux of light. Their function is similar to that of sunlight on the brain. They increase serotonin level for improving your mood.

Where can you find a SAD Therapy light?

Your local drug store can provide you with a SAD lamp. If you don’t find your choicest one then there are various online stores to help you out. will be one of the ideal places to visit in this regard.

What is the difference between full-spectrum bulbs and light therapy lamps?

Full-spectrum bulbs were earlier used in the light therapy lamps, since its color composition is the same as that of the outdoor light. However, recent light therapy lamps use fluorescent bulbs in colors like cool white or warm white. The basic difference is that full-spectrum bulbs can emit UV rays which can lead to cataract formation or skin diseases. Latest light therapy lamps make sure that the harmful UV has been carefully filtered out. You can find the best light therapy lamps reviews on Happy Lamp. They have tried and tested all the lamps and then they write the review from their own experience.

Can light therapy be used for general depression?

Researchers of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine found out that light therapy is an effective treatment option, not only for SAD but for general depression as well. Though the reasons behind its effectiveness have not yet been proved, the researchers opine that it can be a good alternative to medicine or psychotherapy in treating depression.

Are there any homemade light therapy?

There are homemade lights like tanning lights or tanning beds. However, it is best to avoid using them. They generally emit a high level of UV rays.

With your doubts cleared, you can now reap the maximum benefits of Light Therapy and emerge out of SAD!