Advantages of Using Natural Dishwashing Soap Vs Commercial Soaps

If you find that your skin is regularly dry, itchy, uncomfortable or irritated after bathing, you can thank your dishwashing soap for that. The common ingredients of commercial dishwashing soap include sodium sebate, sodium cocoate, pentasate pentasate, triclosan and trisodium etidronate.

Ingredients like Triclosan are not only irritating to people’s skin; They are tough on the environment as well. Sodium sebum, the natural byproduct of meat fat mixed with caustic soda, is probably not something you would deliberately use to wash your dishes! Ingredients such as tetra sodium EDTA are known irritants.

Commercial dish soaps can dehydrate and leave a residue that irritates the skin. Repeated exposure to these aggressive detergents and artificial ingredients can sensitize your skin and make you more vulnerable to environmental stresses. Although commercial dish soaps can succeed in washing dishes, they simply can not compare to the YayaMarias natural dishwashing soap.

No matter what your skin type is, there is a YayaMarias natural dishwashing soap to satisfy your needs for a natural dishwashing product. YayaMarias natural dish soap is perfect for those with sensitive or compromised skin due to eczema or psoriasis. Do you really want to suffer one more day with dry, itchy skin and scaling when there is relief so easily found?

All YayaMarias natural dishwashing soaps are made with much thought, care and with love. Commercial soaps are made in bulk. It is time for you to pamper your body and your skin as well as your loved ones with freshly healed handmade glycerin bar soap bars?