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Apple iPhone Siri vs. Samsung Bixby

These days voice assistant accessible in the handsets of iphone 8 and Samsung Galaxy S8 are the talk of the town, which one is better. There is a small cold war between Apple and Android over the voice commands apps.

iPhone 8 possess Siri which is moving a little faster ahead thanĀ Bixby the Android voice control app on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Which voice assistant would get the victory is impossible to state. Taking a fair decision among the both is quite difficult but listening to both of them would solve this problem.

Both of the smart phones would be positioned for the series of difficult tasks performed by them and which would be the best will be the one to be kept in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone 8 voice assistants would be tested for their abilities and which voice control assistant is worth full and up to your expectations.

Still there is a question that whether Siri overcome its problem of lack of information regarding United Kingdom. In other words who will be fired from this examination? Basically this voice controlled assistant is just like a robotic PA and would answer your questions. You may ask them the phrases like “what are 50 in US dollars?” You may ask them about the weather related forecasting questions such “do I need a raincoat today?”. And in answer they would show you the weather forecasting chart of the week. In short these Voice assistants would prove to be very fruitful if they function properly.

Basically Google is a company that is famous for searches and data manipulation and is now creating a proficient virtual supporter should be accurate up the Big G’s silicon pathway. Siri would be updated during this autumn. If Google has any rival gadget then the company should up their sleeves and we can easily see the first appearance at the around same time period. And the Google should plan accordingly to achieve successfully without thinking about its rival company.