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Your invention may be a comprehensively original work. What is next for bringing your new idea to market? The legal aspects involved in patenting your new innovation can be complex and time consuming. Patent lawyers could save time ascertaining if there is already a patent for a similar innovation. If there isn’t, they can help you take the next step in patenting and protecting your hard work.

Authors can file design patents, plant patents, or utility patents to cover their inventions. These patents, if accepted, are valid for up to 20 years from their acceptance date. Provisional patents are also available, though they largely last only a year as explained inĀ,21.htm article.

Machines, manufacturing devices, and processes are covered by an utility patent. Examiners look to determine how an utility invention exhibits specific credible utility when awarding the patent. Design patents concern cosmetic, non-function oriented inventions. An innovation secured with a design patent need not be functional. Plant patents apply to newly discovered plant strains able to be reproducible sexually or asexually. However, plant patents do not patent new kinds of tuber plants. Your new design may overlap with other areas of intellectual property law, and as a result it’s most beneficial to speak with patent lawyers to understand the best way to secure your invention.

A patent is used to support an innovation from imitation or sale by competitors. Patent law is closely related to copyright and trademark law, as all three fall into the study of intellectual property. Patents create a legal grounding for infringement cases should an invention be duplicated.

A patent lawyer or a patent agency, such as InventHelp, could help ease the stress during this complicated process, which can take between one and three years. Patent lawyers could conduct the legal documentation and communication with patent examiners. Patent attorneys can audit patent archives to forestall any infringements before they become a concern.