Best Places in Spain, Tours and Hotels

When planning the vacation you probably seek for a country that will concentrate all kinds of entertainment to make your journey eventful and memorable. A Peninsula situated between Europe and Africa, enjoying four types of climate, boasting richest history and age-long traditions, blessed with heavenly landscapes and inhabited by friendly and passionate people, Spain is the best place to make your ultimate travel destination!

But let us be more precise. What in particular do you expect to get when you browse the world map? Why travel to Spain?

Is it sunny beaches and clear sea waters with sun-bathing, sailing and diving? Andalusia and the Eastern Mediterranean coast have top-class resorts with great service and over 300 days of sunshine a year! Or is it snow-capped mountains with ski treks or other facilities for active winter sports like sledging and snowboarding? The Pyrenees alone have more than 16 spots to please you! Supposing you want some cultural experience, like studying world’s best samples of art? Spain interesting history is echoed by splendid architectural monuments that cannot leave you indifferent, and the land’s great museums in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and other major cities house unmatched collections of art masterpieces. Interested in music or dancing – Spain is flamenco’s home-place. Want some extreme? Well, the spectacles of bull-fighting and bull-running will rush adrenalin to your blood, be sure! If it’s football you like, a visit to the Camp Nou is a must. But be sure to buy your Barcelona Tickets in advance to avoid disappointment.You consider yourself to be a gourmet, then taste the culinary delights of this country, whose geographical location ensures best harvests of fruit, vegetables and a great variety of other ingredients, while cultural riches provide countless number of recipes that make your mouth water even before you taste the dish! Spain is the country of eternal fiesta, if you simply want to relax and enjoy your life, as Spaniards are true experts in this issue!

But there’s one more thing you need not neglect when planning your journey: your Spain phone card! Calling Spain (from your country) or calling home from Spain will be a lot cheaper once you use the cards. This is so because they will route your call with the purpose of getting a smaller rate as possible. This is why many people who have relative in Spain (or who themselves travel there) are using phone cards to Spain: the cut-back in phone bills is substantial, and the conversation quality is great! And if (God saves) you have an accident abroad whilst holidaying in Spain or any other location ensure you receive adequate compensation for your troubles!

And if a conventional Spanish holiday is not for you… Why not try a self catering holiday along the Costa Brava or Costa Dorada. Camping with your family offers an entirely different experience for a holiday and still remains a highly popular European holiday style.