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    Favorite Breakfast Recipes

    There are so many options for the most important meal of the day, but when it comes to, these are my top 5 favorite breakfast comfort food recipes. Although they are numbered, they are not in special order. I love these breakfast recipes.

    Potato pancakes – This breakfast recipe is a great comfort food. With the taste of the potato, its taste is simply satisfying. There are so many options and depending on how I feel, there are so many things I can do with it. If I’m in the mood for something sweet, I’d add some apple sauce or syrup. However, if I am looking for a tastier dish, I would add some sour cream or cream of mushroom soup as the topping. Even without anything next to it, potato pancakes are a good way to start in the morning.

    Hash Brown Casserole – I love the hash brown casserole because it combines all the goodness a hashbrown has to offer with cheese, chicken, sour cream and other delicious additions.┬áMake this recipe the night before and heat it in the oven, if you have time, or in the microwave if you are running out the door.

    Eggs Benedict – This is one of my favorites because there is so much going on in Eggs Benedict. It’s not your typical eggs and toast breakfast because this one has an egg scrambled over an English muffin and is stuffed with dutch sauce. Not to mention the goodness that cheese and ham or Canadian bacon can add to the set. Undoubtedly, it is the perfect combination of ingredients for breakfast.

    Belgian waffles – Waffles are great because they are crispy. Belgian waffles are easy to make and there are so many things that go very well with it, like cream, fruit or butter. They are on top of my collection of breakfast comfort food recipes.

    Homemade pancakes – I included homemade pancakes on the list because it’s something I can not find anywhere else. There is just something about pancakes that are made from scratch that are better than the commercial mix. On Sunday mornings, this is one of the most sought after comfort food recipes in my home. My daughter likes to help measure the ingredients and because she gets involved in making the homemade pancakes, she loves to eat it too.