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    Bangkok to Hua Hin Traveling Tips

    Bangkok is the global city waiting to indulge the tourists. The charm and the magic of this city are almost addictive. As the dazzling international city, it is much like any other. But, in some ways it radiates its indigenous special flavor. So, help you navigate though all that, you need help. So, brace yourselves and check out the basic timeless advice about the Bangkok to Hua Hin tour packages. Here are some tips about the Bangkok and Hua Hin travel in general that will always remain relevant


    The heat of tropical land allures the most travelers. But, the humidity and the heat can cause a problem, if you are not hydrated enough. So keep yourself hydrated in Bangkok. As the travelers, you will be out throughout the day. So in typical Bangkok style, carry a small bottle of water to drink each time you feel like.

    Try organized tours:

    You walking with the map in hand can be an effective way to see Bangkok. But, believe me, the organized tours are much more easier way to enjoy the Bangkok sightseeing. You need to stay away from scammers. You need to take care of the logistics of travel, restaurants and more. So, use the guided tours, they give you the time to enjoy Bangkok tour package or to fall in love with this city.

    Transport well:

    If you avoid the rush hour, there are several taxis available for local transportation. You need to find the taxi that is using the meter. Believe me, the taxi drivers can be scammers of a unique sort as they can spot a first timer miles away. It is the silent look in the eye that gives you in. So, don’t be fooled about directions, fair or meter. Your best option is to call a registered Taxi company like Thai Happy Taxi, and they will take care of your stay not only in Bangkok but they will take you almost anywhere in surrounding areas from Hua Hin to even as far as Phuket.

    Carry hotel directions:

    You need to know how to return to your hotel, even if you get lost in the city. There are several hotels that offer locater apps, basic maps in English as well as Thai. Carry them with you and use them if you need to.

    Go to Hua Hin:

    The tropical beach paradise of Hua Hin is a very pleasant getaway on the coast of Thailand. This beautiful island once served as the vacation spot for Thai Royalty. Today, every visitor at Hua Hin is guaranteed to be in for a regal treat. This ancient beach town is home to Thailand’s oldest traditions in beachfront hospitality. Pamper your senses at Hua Hin, a place which offers you the best among serene resorts and bustling city roads. The best way to get from Bangkok to Hua Hin is using the services of Thai Happy Taxi as mentioned above. You can book their services using the booking form on their website at http://www.thaihappytaxi.com/WebPage/TaxiBangkoktoHuaHin.aspx or calling them by phone. You can find the phone number on their website.

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    Choosing a Private Guide For a St Petersburg Tour

    More Choices

    When using a private guide for a tour in St Petersburg you can choose only the attractions that are most interesting for you. Many of the large tour operators have set itineraries that cover the most popular attractions. Often visitors to the city are unaware that there are many other attractions that are really worth visiting. Using a private guide you can discover these hidden gems in St Petersburg and create a truly exceptional experience during your visit to the city. More is better in this case.

    Save Time and Money

    Time is money. Travelers don’t want to waste time when visiting a city and various attractions. Very often in a large tour group time is wasted as some people are slower than others and can waste the time of the entire group as a result.

    In a large tour group you often made to visit extra places, such as a souvenir shop, or a restaurant which the tour operator has made a special agreement. Often such “extra stops” are not interesting for visitors and can waste precious time.

    Very often a private guide in St Petersburg is comparably priced with a large tour operator. There are a few factors that decide the final cost of a private tour, such as the accommodation type, the number of people who will join you on the tour, or the time of the year when you decide to travel.


    With a guided tour Saint-Petersburg visitors will see St Petersburg as they really want: the experience is done at your pace. The guide will create an itinerary that will be customized just for you desired interests.

    Large tour groups often don’t give tourists time to take photos, to stop for lunch, go to the bathroom, or even ask questions. They are on a fixed time schedule and your needs come after the needs of the entire group. With a private tour everything is built around you and your needs. Want to stop for lunch? Need a bathroom break? Have some special needs or requirements? Then a private guide is your best choice.

    No large tour groups

    Large groups can make you feel like cattle in a herd. The tour is set to their schedule and tourists are mixed together which can create conflicts. Sometimes members of the group can be annoying or unhappy which can create an uncomfortable atmosphere.

    Using a private guide for a tour in St Petersburg gives tourists the feeling of independence and personalization that you can’t receive with a large tour group.

    A wealth of knowledge about St. Petersburg

    A private guide is expected to be an expert in all attractions and places of interest in St Petersburg. They can share their knowledge with you during a private tour, answer all your questions, and give you insights to the city that enhance your experience.

    Guides in a large tour group are usually trained only in the most popular attractions and their knowledge base is limited to the main facts and stories. If you have specific questions, often they don’t have answers.

    A private guide will provide you with stories that will peak your interest, stimulates questions, excite, entertain, amaze and amuse you. Instead of a lecture you’ll be enthralled with a tour whose focus is on you. Take stories and tales home with you about St Petersburg wishing that you had taken notes.

    Better Service

    Individual attention from your private tour guide means that the level of service is certainly better than a large tour group. Many visitors have special needs and require special attention. This can only be solved with a private guide as they can focus on your individual needs.

    Large tour operators are focused on numbers. More tourists equals more money. Service is not their first priority. A private guide must focus on the best quality of service for their clients.

    Personalized Attention

    A private guide will help you create your own custom tour including all parts of your trip planning. This process can including a hotel, VISA support, translation, and other personalized services. Usually this service is provided at no extra charge for visitors to St Petersburg.

    Making a detailed plan of what you would like to see and information of the time restraints placed upon you will mean that you will be able to make it to all the attractions without the stress of planning it yourself. This personalization is a wonderful way to tour St Petersburg.

    Interaction – Travel to Learn

    Often tourists in a large tour group don’t remember many of the facts and information presented during the tour. With a private guide there can be more interaction, more questions and answers, and a lot more fun! You’ll feel as though you are being escorted by a member of your own family.

    When you travel, admiring buildings and learning history is one of the ways to learn new things about the places you visit. For many, the personal and private tour guide is the best way to go for a customized and fun experience.