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Choosing The Best Operating System For Your PC

Choosing the right OS for your PC requires serious consideration. In the first instance it is not easy to select the right OS because every OS offers distinct and varied features besides the common functionalities. Some major operating systems include Linux, Unix, Microsoft, MS Windows and Mac OS X.

Considering the significance of the OS for the smooth functioning of your PC, you are recommended to spend some time for selecting the right one for your PC. Your selection of an OS should be based on various elements such as hardware requirement, cost, performance and others.

In this article we are discussing such elements at length to help you choose the right OS for your PC. Below discussed are the information using which you can make the right choice regarding the operating system:

Purpose of the PC

It is very important to determine the purpose of the PC before choosing an operating system. A PC can be used for various purposes such as business, study, entertainment, regular official job etc. So you have to choose the operating system accordingly, if you’r using it for gaming, entertainment you should choose the best gaming computer with best operating system for gaming, if you need it for word processing, multimedia editing and server etc., you’ll need different kind. When you buy a new PC, it comes pre-installed with the operating system as Apple computers come preinstalled with the Mac operating system X.

Hardware components

You must know the hardware specifications of your PC when you are researching for the right operating system for your system. It helps you compare the specifications of your PC with the requirement of the particular operating system. Some of the specifications you need to consider before choosing the operating system are:

The model and version of the OS, CPU Amount of RAM GPU and RAM Hard Disk drive space, Type of optical drive, Type of Internet Connection and others.


Security is the prime concern for every PC user while choosing the operating system. Each OS has a different set of security protocol to offer. According to security experts, the most secure operating system today is OS X and Unix. On the contrary, Microsoft Windows and Linux are considered as less secure OSes that can be hacked easily. The security features of these OSes are not so reliable and strong so if security is your first priority then Windows or Linux is probably not the right choice. However, Microsoft has consistently releasing security updates to plug the vulnerabilities but still hackers manage to break into the security veil of the OS. So far, Mac OS X is considered the most secure OS which makes the work of hackers extremely tough.

Graphics ability

When it comes to deliver the graphics software platforms nothing can beat the performance of Apple computers. They are known for their high graphics output irrespective of their models and editions. This becomes possible because they run on a special operating system known as Macintosh OS. So if you look for high graphics output then the best option is to opt for an OS from Apple.

Furthermore, you need to be specific and sure about your requirement because no operating system is perfect and free from downsides. Every OS has positives and negatives so you have to prioritize your requirements such as security, graphics, purpose, hardware specifications etc and select accordingly.