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Choosing the Right Digital Camera

There are a number of different cameras on the market that can make choosing a digital camera a confusing and difficult process. There are also cameras that are designed for different functions and uses and finding the right one for what you want to be able to do can be difficult.

The first steps to take when choosing a digital camera is to create a list of features that you want. This should be a complete list, so you may want to do a bit of research into the features that are available for digital cameras, in order to get a good idea of what you can do with them.

Once you have determined what you would like to have feature wise for your digital camera, then the next step would be to determine the price range for your camera. You can spend as little as $100 or more for a good digital camera so you will want to be sure to get what you are looking for the first time.

Test the cameras out. There will probably be several that meet the feature list you have created. Make sure that the weight of the camera as well as its ease of use matches with what you want. Even if the camera has all the features you want if it is bulky or hard to manage it is not going to provide you with what you want when it comes to taking pictures.

Sony produces a number of high quality cameras that can provide you with the features you are looking for. Sony has just released its Alpha A7 III. Sony Alpha A7 III has been reviewed here, but here are some features. This is an SLR camera that gives a 24.2 mega pixel Digital image. It has a CMOS sensor and features that are found on Sony’s more professionally oriented models but at a much more affordable rate. It also comes with a 693-point AF. These cameras are sold as bodies so you will need to purchase the lens or lenses that you are looking for.

The Canon EOS 450D is another model of SLR to consider from Canon. This camera comes with a 12.2 mega pixel CMOS sensor, 3.0″ High resolution LCD screen as well as a new AF system that has a 9 point wide area AF. Due to the fact that is an SLR camera lenses are sold separately.

The Canon EOS 40D is a 10.1 mega pixel camera with CMOS censor, a 3.0″ LCD screen with live mode., It is also a SLR camera so lenses are sold separately and it does come with the new AF system. This camera also comes with a 2.0 USB hi speed connection and a Video out interface.

If you are looking for a serious camera consider the EOS 1Ds Mark III. This camera is a premier when it comes to digital photography. It comes with a 21 mega pixel full frame CMOS, High Precision wide area AF along with a 3.0″ LCD with live action. You can also get 5fps. It is a SLR so lens kits are separate.