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Content for SEO Search Engine Ranking

Brilliant content is what everyone wants: you, your customers, and the search engines. Keyword density is a part of search engine optimization strategy, but the density Google is looking for is actually a very natural density that will tend to occur quite spontaneously in content that is truly relevant to your company and product.

That said, you are likely to discover that the keywords that are naturally optimized for keyword density in your existing content are probably not the best keywords for you to be focusing on. Exhaustive keyword research is required to determine:

  • Which keywords people are actually searching for and
  • Which keywords you are actually in a position to compete for.

Therefore, after keyword research is completed your content will probably need to be modified to feature the keywords you can truly profit from.

Optimizing Keyword Relevance

Crafting content for search engine ranking also involves placing your most important keywords near the top of the page. This can be done by creating a well optimized topic summary to introduce the page. A summary not only helps a search engine spider recognize relevance, it helps your visitor recognize relevance too!

Optimizing Keyword and Content Accessibility

Radically aggressive search engine optimization goes even farther to craft the actual html so that your topic heading and keyword rich summary are literally the first thing a search engine robot sees. This fine tunes your communication of relevance to the spider. For exactly the same reasons, this also fine tunes your communication of relevance to human beings, and this will provide the best content format for tiny text reading hand-held devices that access the internet.

This also provides an excellent opportunity to optimize for the description Google (and other search engines) will display on the search engine results page. As you can see there is a lot of work that should be done properly when it comes to Off-Page SEO optimization, and fortunately there are SEO experts, such as SEO Berlin, who can do the Off-Page SEO optimization professionally.

Writing Effective Copy

Note that your page could be exquisitely optimized to attract targeted website traffic and yet fail to increase your Internet sales because the content is not engaging to the visitor.