Find A Online Business Consultant

Online Business Consultants offer valuable services to help the novice webmaster rank high on search results pages. The best SEO Experts have years of experience at designing web content that appeals to both web travelers and search engines. They also know that it takes more than great content to score with search engines. Here are a few basic tips where qualified SEO Consultants excel:

SEO Experts Know Keywords

Probably the best known factor in search engine optimization (SEO) is the use of keywords. Keywords are an index that search engines and web users depend on them to find the information they need.

Extensive research is needed to select the right keywords for your site, and the best SEO Consultants are well-equipped to conduct such research. They’ll find out how many web sites and pages are using specific keywords today, thereby estimating the competition. They’ll find out how many hits, or user visits, keywords are getting, thereby estimating the potential traffic. Great SEO Consultants will explore variations and combinations of keywords that minimize competition and maximize potential traffic.

SEO experts also know that the way keywords are used in content is critical to the success of a web site. They know that keywords must be included in the title, meta tags, and page content. They know that using keywords too much is as bad for search engines as using them too little. Keyword intensity (or the percentage of keyword to total text) should be between 3% and 6%. Further, keywords should appear more often in the beginning paragraphs of the web page content.

SEO Consultants Understand Web Site Design and Content

Plain text is the best way to present content for search engine optimization, but plain text is not a good way to motivate web site visitors. Web visitors want color, graphics, and bells and whistles. Somehow, webmasters must find a balance between text and technique. SEO Experts know that there is a fine line between using Flash, Javascript, and devices like tables and best search results. They can help you reach the best balance of “flash” and information to achieve the best results.

Even the best use of keywords can not make up for poor content. Each web page on a site should be unique, avoiding duplication of content on any other page. Unique content tells the search engine that the page is important to the site and makes it more likely to be ranked in search engine results.

Web site content must be information-rich to impress the search engines and to hold web site visitor’s attention. No matter how attractive the page, no matter how well the keywords are used, web pages will only rank well if they are linked to from other sites. Text-based navigation and flat hierarchy help search engine crawlers find and index the important content in search results.

Don’t struggle with trying to optimize your web site for search engines when you don’t have to! SEO Consultants and SEO Experts can save you time and frustration and make sure your web site gets the high volume of traffic you need to succeed!

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