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Find Latest Esthetic Equipment

So what is esthetic equipment? Aesthetician is a professional, trained and educated in skin care. And we are going to talk about the equipment they use. These are not necessarily found in typical hair salons, day spas or nail salons. Aesthetician, treats skin cosmetically from face to body. Typical procedure include facials – deep cleansing, exfoliation and massage, microdermabrasion, body wraps and more. Some of the equipment used in skin care therapies are massage chair/bed to cosmetics.

The equipment used most is probably the treatment furniture like a massage chair/bed. The massage chair/bed can cost anywhere in between $200- $4,000. A simple flat foldable massage table can be inexpensive, but massage chair that can turn into variety of positions are very expensive. Expensive beds have electronic control making it easy to use and simply luxurious for customers.

Another expensive Aesthetician equipment would be microdermabrasion machine. Microdermabrasion is one of the most common procedures performed by skin care professional and it probably is the most important Aesthetician Equipment. The expensive machine can go as high as up to $8,000. You will find the best deals online and there we recommend to start your search with Advance Esthetic – multifunction esthetic machines. These expensive models have more powerful engines and therefore can handle more jobs in less time which means more profit for the business. Some of the expensive machines also boast multiple capabilities like combining Diamond microdermabrasion, Crystal microdermabrasion and also Oxygen infusion system.

Another machine you’ll need is laser or light treatment machine. Skin scanner with black light has become one of the standard machine in skin care treatment center. Using the black light this machine shows what’s not visible with naked eye. It can clearly display whats to be removed and then show cleansed skin. This visibility is reassuring to clients that something has been actually removed and gives them confidence on the treatment. It fills client satisfaction and it builds client loyalty. And then there are small accesories such as facial chairs, wet and dry tables, stools, cabinets, trolleys for small supplies.