Funny New Year’s Resolutions

Making funny New Year’s resolutions would be a great way to start off the New Year. While millions of people attempt to make a resolution each year, many of these people will fail to achieve what they would have liked to accomplish. One of the reasons why this happens would be the pressure that people feel when it comes to making a resolution. If you have experienced this in the past, you know that having pressure to stick to a resolution would make it more difficult than it would otherwise be. Additionally, you want to avoid taking this too serious. When you promise to give up the things that you enjoy in life, it would only be a matter of time before you decide that it is simply not worth it. However you can ask for a New Year’s psychic reading and get all the realistic ideas of what your resolutions for this New Year might be.

The point of making a resolution would be to improve upon the areas in your life that need work. When you have a sense of humor about the things that you attempt to accomplish, you are much more likely to experience success. Also, you will get a lot more enjoyment out of the path that you take in order to get there. Never make a resolution in order to impress other people; this would only cause you to struggle in order to keep up with this in the future. The best way to accomplish what you set your mind on would be to insert humor into what you would like to do. Additionally, it would be a good idea to give yourself some movement room in order to ensure that you do not need to achieve perfection in order to meet or exceed your resolution.

Taking your sense of humor into account would allow you to enjoy the coming of a new year instead of feeling like you are serving a punishment. Reading some examples of funny New Year’s resolutions would allow you to come up one in your own life.

Examples of funny New Year’s resolutions

  • I promise not to be late to work more than ten minutes
  • I will not eat fast food other than the foods I enjoy most
  • I promise to change my diet to eat more of the things I love
  • I will lose weight for the purpose of gaining it back
  • I will attempt to see the fat and skinny version of myself this year
  • I would like to make less money this year
  • I promise to spend less time on the cell phone when in the bathroom
  • I will spend less time in the bathroom without being less clean
  • I will reduce the amount of time spent in the shower without smelling like it
  • I will quit my job and attempt to get hired for the same position in the future
  • I will laugh at people when they fall down because they would do the same

These are just a few examples of funny New Year’s resolutions that you would be able to put into practice in your own life. Many times, people are excited to work on areas of their life that could use improvement. However, making this about punishment would often be the reason why they are not able to accomplish what they set forward to do. Instead, you may want to have a sense of humor about the things that you promise to do, this would allow you to accomplish more throughout the year. When you make funny goals, you would still experience a sense of accomplishment for being able to achieve something different this year. Also, you are much more likely to be happy with what is going on within your life on a daily basis.