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How do you know if you need Orthotics?

If you have a foot problem or another problem that you think may be related to your feet you have a few options in Fort Collins. Waiting and seeing is a favored option for people. If the problem persists, you will likely ask your family and friends what they think. You may buy new shoes and ask the salesperson’s advice. Eventually you may see your family doctor, chiropractor or other health care giver. If the foot problem is solved – excellent! If not, consider seeing your local podiatrist Fort Collins CO. The podiatrist will be able to diagnose your foot problem. If podiatrist tells you your feet are pronated or supinated, most likely you will benefit from orthotics.

Orthotics are extremely effective if you have pain caused by tendonitis, arthritis, neuromas, and forefoot or heel pain. If you experience problems with your hips, knees or back, orthotics alter the movement of your foot to help alleviate joint and lower back pain.

Orthotics are the mainstay treatment for flat feet and intoeing – problems that show up in childhood and continue to plague people into adulthood.

Many people swear by their orthotics – they are miraculous in some cases. Other people have sworn off orthotics because they have experienced nothing but problems. As with any medical problem, you must seek out the professional who will give you the best possible advice. If you try to take short-cuts you may be unhappy with the results. It can be difficult because there are so many options and so many people recommending, prescribing and dispensing custom orthotics.

Podiatrists are recognized as experts in this field. Some insurance companies will accept prescriptions only from podiatrists, as they are recognizing the expertise of diagnosis and expertise of care in the podiatry profession.