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JadeScape A New Singapore Condominium

In order for the buyer to make a sound decision of which property to buy; be it for investment purposes or for owner stay the buyers should do some research on the property they are interested in buying. As there are at least a dozen of Property New Launches projects in the Singapore market at any one time, it is a daunting task to gather all the relevant information of each project with thorough and impartial accuracy as the developer or the sales agents giving the information may have conflicting interests when furnishing such information.

There are real estate websites that provide an independent view of each project and furnish the project information as complete as possible; including the site plan, location plan and the floor plan. If you are searching for JadeScape property information, JadeScape psf, you should visit one of their official websites doing a simple search on Google. JadeScape is a new launch condominium on Shunfu road and should be completed by the year of 2026. So if you are interested in buying a property in JadeScape, now would be the perfect time.

However, during the launch or pre-launch of any new property project, certain information released by the developer may still be subjected to changes; or the developer may want to withhold certain information and only to be released during the launching date. Such information will be left out until such time that it is allowed. Certain sensitive information will not be given such as the discounted prices of each unit. However, the indicative price or the announced discounted price and promotional pricing may be given if available.