OEM, Compatible or Remanufactured – What’s the Deal?

O.E.M. (Original Equipment Manufacture) or New:

These products contain 90-100% new components on average.Most new laser cartridges contain some recycled parts: gears, springs, and most often the shell or “core” of the cartridge itself is reused. These parts do not affect print quality or speed and are not deemed crucial to the overall performance of the cartridge. Check the box your next new cartridge comes in. Chances are the disclaimer “May contain recycled parts” is imprinted somewhere on it. Other types of O.E.M. consumables such as print ribbons, fax supplies, ink jets and copier toner consist of 100% new components and compounds only.

Compatible or Generic Brands:

These products are available in almost every market today for most types of goods. They must consist of mainly new materials to be considered the same as an O.E.M. These products are not classified as they are manufactured, but like the OEM service may contain recycled parts. The difference is the packaging, marketing and price of the product. Pricing normally will be 10 – 30% less and in many cases savings could be even more.

Fact is most people use some form of generic products and they save money. Have you ever chosen to use a generic form of drug, for a medical prescription? Pharmacists will often even suggest it. So I ask, if Generic Brands are good enough for your body, shouldn’t they be good enough for your business machines?

Remanufactured or Recycled Brands:

These products contain new printing compound (dry toner or ink) and some new or renewed parts. Primarily the shell or core has been used once before. The drum also known as an OPC (Optical Print Cartridge) is most often replaced. This component has the greatest affect on print density and quality. The main difference again is packaging and price. Pricing on average is 20 – 40% less, and in most cases savings is always more.Cartridges made from cores that have been through only one previous life cycle are considered to be the best quality, classified as “Premium Grade.” We personally recommend these quite often.

Improved technology, state of the art manufacturing processes and environmental awareness or “Go Green” initiatives have helped these products claim a large share of the printing marketplace. Re manufactured or Recycled products are tested and designed to perform as well or better than new. They carry the same 100% satisfaction guarantee as the O.E.M. products. Buying Re manufactured or Recycled brands is also an easy way to reduce the environmental impact.