Outsourcing Benefits - A Resource For Growth

Outsourcing Benefits – A Resource For Growth

Trusting your work to a stranger on the other end of an internet connection does seem risky; how can you really know your money is not just disappearing into an account somewhere on the other side of the world never to be seen again? You may even be thinking that your internet skills are not up to the challenge of outsourcing online.

These concerns are exactly why there are now professional freelance sites operating to ensure that outsourcing benefits work in your favor that not only do you get the work you want to outsource completed, but that the whole process is easy as it can be- even for the least internet savvy business owner. In fact, for these freelance sites, their business success depends on you being happy with your outsourcing experience. This is why outsourcing work to freelancers online is becoming the new answer to the age old question “how can I work smarter, not harder?”

Working smarter – not harder is the reason many of us enter into business ownership. The dream of something outside of our nine to five job that promises the potential to grow our capital faster than any pay increase would.

Using outsourcing benefits, as a means of working smarter, has attracted the attention of researchers wanting to test its benefits.

The Studies Found:

Outsourcing benefits are not just limited to getting a job done that was not otherwise being taken care of but gave an overall advantage to the entire company.

Many other aspects of business benefited from outsourcing than solely IT based services. These included training, accounting, customer relations and manufacturing.

Outsourcing Benefits - A Resource For Growth
Outsourcing Benefits – A Resource For Growth

Owners felt that there were marked improvements in the ways their companies ran immediately after they started to outsource certain functions.

Of the companies who replied to surveys, over half stated that they saw big differences in the overall performance of their companies after the first six months of outsourcing.

Owners were so impressed with the benefits they saw to their company that they stated they would not only continue to outsource whatever product or service they already were but they would also consider to outsource manufacturing benefits for other aspects of their businesses.

Forty three percent of companies answering surveys said that they used outsourcing for IT functions.

Thirty six percent are also using supply chain management, the implementation of selling from a products inception to its final delivery, to fill their needs.

Thirty one percent said that they were using sources outside their company to help with training.

Company executives stated that outsourcing a portion of their work builds a stronger company, takes the pressure off of growing companies, and delivers superior products or services for a better price and a better profit.

Using outsourcing is a great way to grow your business, the benefits of outsourcing speak for themselves.