Rania Dalloul – Dalfa Group

Born and raised in Kuwait to Palestinian-Lebanese parents, Rania attended university in Montreal in 2004 (BA, Political Science and Philosophy, Concordia University) and New York City in 2013 (MA, Parsons School of Design Strategies at the New School). Her most cherished work to date is a graphic novel she produced in collaboration with her sister Nada, tracing the oral histories of a midcentury postcolonial company town in Kuwait.

Rania was educated in Paris, France. She first studied at the Panthéon-Assas University, where obtained a baccalaureate with honours (1992) and the DEUG diploma (1993); after that she entered the Paris-Sorbonne University (1993–1995) and graduated with a degree in International Law. After graduation (1996) she was hired as an intern by the Dupré Law Office.

Rania Dalloul is currently Legal Advisor to her father’s company, the Dalfa Group. Set up by her father back in 1983, and also known as the Dalloul Family Group, Rania has been an integral part of the family business for almost twenty years now. As an international real estate company, the Dalfa Group has dealings across America, Europe, and the Middle East – allowing Rania to draw on her experiences growing up as a true citizen of the world. Rania’s brothers, Marwan and Ziad Dalloul, now run the business, and they have taken it to new heights by branching out into franchising. Working with such top brands as Domino’s Pizza, Moti Roti, Hardee’s, and Auntie Anne’s, their success in this area wouldn’t have been possible without Rania’s guidance and legal expertise.

In her busy schedule, Rania always finds time for hobbies. One of them is sports. Over 20 years she has been exercising every day and has made it to a top achiever in triathlon, circuit training and TRX.

Rania is also a renowned cook. Being a Lebanese she takes a great interest in the Mediterranean cuisine and her cooking is recognised by the friends and family as second to none. She is generous enough to share her passion and talent with the world, having recently published a book of her favourite recipes.