Searching For a New Electricity Provider

Deregulation allowed competition to thrive in Texas although it took until about 2005 to see consumers begin to take advantage of competitive offers from electricity providers.

The wholesale power plants make electricity and then resell it to an electricity provider. The provider then supplies customers with the electricity which is still delivered by the utility. Traditionally, customers had to use the utility for their supply, delivery and service needs. However, there are now options when it comes to which electric provider will supply a customers’ power.

Today, electric customers in Texas can benefit from a lower electric bill by finding the best rate.

The search to find low rates on Texas electricity is simple. It is not a time consuming process of calling multiple suppliers. Instead, a comparison website helps to find the right electricity provider for a customer’s home or business.

The website performs the search quickly and easily for an electricity provider based on a customer’s utility territory and customer type (residential or commercial). The website search is very comprehensive and includes a detailed list of competitive offers from various electric suppliers.

After comparing competitive electric supply offers, there are only three pieces of information needed from a customer’s utility bill in order to enroll with a competitive supplier.

In addition to low rates, you can also go green by signing up for 100% renewable energy offers from Texas electricity suppliers, such as Green Mountain Energy. Many suppliers of Texas electricity offer 100% renewable energy plans which are generated only using renewable sources.

There are many reasons to switch Texas electricity suppliers. The first reason is to have a lower electric bill in Texas. There is also no fee to switch electric suppliers and no cancellation fee.