Secure Your Home: Defeat Burglary & Theft

Did you know that nine out of ten household burglaries are preventable?

In most cases of theft, vandalism or burglary, homes are not well protected. While the average teenage vandal may not look for signs of security systems, professional burglars will. If you live in a high crime area, it is best to consider a security system. Remember that most home security violations happen at night, when you are away from home for a long period of time – like a vacation – or when you are obvious about your presence or absence.

You don’t have to spend thousands on a home security system!

Sensors and Detectors:

These systems detect breaking glass so that an alarm is sounded when the burglar breaks the glass, and once the alarm has sounded, the burglar is less likely to enter your home. Door and window sensors are installed at entry points. These sensors have magnetic seals that detect any attempted entry, or movement of the door or window on which they are installed. Motion sensors can be installed inside OR outside a building. In homes, an indoor motion sensor is usually not a viable solution because your family will set off the alarm! These types of systems are usually reserved for commercial buildings, museums and the like.

However, outdoor motion sensing devices have become quite popular. These devices turn on lights around the perimeter of your house when motion is detected. If a thief approaches your house under cover of darkness, he/she will be well illuminated by the light and is likely to run away.

Photoelectric detectors have dual beams that reduce false alarms from small animals, falling branches or leave, birds, debris, or icicles. Door alarms offer basic protection and while burglars may also try to gain entry to your home through a window, doors are the usual entry and exit point for burglars.

They may enter through an unlocked door, pry the door open, take the door off the hinges or, in the case of a door with a glass window, simply break the glass. Door alarms provide good protection for those on a limited budget.

If you are installing your own sensors or alarm devices, you can buy an ‘auto-dialer’ to automatically notify you or someone else when the alarm is triggered.

Wireless house, driveway and yard systems warn of someone inside your house or approaching your house. These systems can be ‘internal’ setting off an alarm that you hear and control.

Surveillance Systems :

With today’s surveillance systems you can keep an eye on you home on your T.V. and your computer. You can hook them up to the internet which means you can check in from work or anywhere in the world. Decide how many cameras and what kind of features you will need to protect your home and the people in it. There are many security companies to choose from and many affordable solutions for everyone.