Social Media Marketing Strategies

Though social media marketing businesses can provide organizations with a wide array of facts, figures, and strategies to utilize social media in the smartest way possible, there are steps any group can take in order to maximize their online presence in these social media sites. These steps don’t require a degree in statistics or web computing and can be implemented as soon as tomorrow.

Create Daily Content

Presence on social media sites is not enough. In just the same manner that a boring business on main street can become overlooked, so too can an inactive organization fade away on social media. Do not underestimate the need for interesting, relevant and regularly produced content. Social media is unique in the way that its users access it repeatedly throughout the day and night. Though organizations can run the risk of overwhelming users, if their content is important and/or entertaining to audiences, it will have a stronger chance of making an impact.

Meet Audiences Where They Are

Different social media sites have different personalities and the strongest organizations will meet social media where it is. What are people talking about? What sorts of photos or videos are going viral, being shared by millions of users? Is the current cultural tone sarcastic, somber, or philosophical? The organization that has a finger on this cultural pulse will be able to best produce messages that register with the masses.


Even if an organization regularly produces interesting and entertaining content, if they fail to interact, then they’ve managed to overlook the primary opportunity social media provides. New media is defined by its two-way communication. It’s no longer acceptable for organizations to create the content and audiences to receive it. Social media is all about empowering the user, and the savviest organizations take advantage of this. Social media is not merely a billboard; it’s a conversation, so join in.

Make it Worth Users’ Time

Whether online or in a store, consumers love a deal. Many organizations have found great success in tastefully presenting coupons, promotions, or online contests in order to entice users to stay fans of their sites and interact on a regular basis. For example, organizations could create an offer that users could snag or propose a question that awards the most creative responder with a free product or service.

Consider Tone with Care

Though social media seems like the great new frontier where anything is possible, organizations must still tread with care. Social media is beneficial for the way it can take a message and it explode it out onto the web, but that’s only a good thing if your organization had created a well-balanced message. Organizations must take care to avoid inflammatory language in their content so as not to create a backlash. It is okay to take a stand, but bullying or aggression in the social media sphere has generally proved unfavorable, particularly among younger audiences.

Though the business of social media can seem daunting, particularly to organization leaders who don’t use it themselves, social media is a must for any business and fortunately there are good SMO companies who can do this for them. Groups who follow these ground rules can get a strong foothold in the world of social media without putting themselves or their product at risk. Being a regular, intriguing presence that has its finger on the tone of the day without being too inflammatory will give an organization a strong step into the world of social media marketing.