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Spray Tanning Spray

You have finally come to the realization that you can not continue getting professional tanning sessions at expensive salons. You simply can’t afford the cost. Here is a little tip that I will share with you. Spray tanning spray, that’s right, you can use this product at home and it will only cost you a fraction of the price of what you pay in salon. There are some things that you need to know though. I don’t want thinking that you can just go online order a bottle or two and then you can just spray yourself. Well technically it should be smooth like that but it’s best to know to to expect so your expectations won’t be let down.

The first thing to consider is safety and not just the price of the product. If you’ve been reading this website then you will have learned that there are a lot of harmful chemicals that some brands use in the tanning sprays. So that the first thing you should consider before making an order. The other thing is you have to think about who will be spraying those hard to reach places all over you body. You certainly don’t want to have patches of skin that you missed, that would look gross and people might think something is wrong with your skin. So make sure you have a friend around to help you apply the spray tanning spray on areas such as the back of your neck or even your entire back.

These over the counter products are not a miracle and they will not give you a professional looking tan like that ones you spend hundreds of dollars on. But they will suffice and here is another little tip. You can alternate between using a spray tanning spray at home and professional tan at a salon. And example would be going to a tanning salon and then to maintain that tan by using a product at home. The frequency will depend on how long the tan stays on your body and this varies from one person to the next because lets face it some people take better care of their tans.

You’ll also have to take other precautions because you do not want the fumes going all over your house nor do you want to stain any fabric or furniture of your home. A good place to use these self tanning sprays is in the shower because all residue can easily be cleaned afterward. Also make sure you read the safety tips articles, because you don’t want to inhale this chemicals. So what is a good product, I will name a few but it is up you to decide what is best for you, it is also up to you to make sure what you’re spraying on your body is not harmful for you. We are talking about people who spray their bodies on a permanent basis as in a routine they maintain for your years. Such people are highly advised to read each and every word on the label of any tanning product whether they use it at home or if it’s applied on their bodies in a tanning salon. MineTan tan sunless tanning spray face and body, Nano Mist Tan Spray are some of the popular brands. So check them out, read about them, see what other tan lovers are saying about them, then make your decision.