Noble, prestigious and protecting from the cold – that describes the fur coats probably the best. This garment has a long tradition, especially in Europe and Asia and is still worn today. The natural animal fur protects in the winter extremely reliably against cold and forms as a coat one of the most exclusive garments for the cold season.

The fashion house A&A Vesa also relies on the cuddly warmth of the fur and always ensures the highest quality in its production. Accessories from the animal material are the latest highlight for the evening and the date because they always round out an outfit with a lot of elegance. Whether fox, rabbit or mink fur is the chief of the fashion world.

The craftsmanship of the fur from the A&A Vesa is the result of years of experience and professional practice in the creation of furs in different types of fur and accessories of high fashion women, in Romania and Europe. Furs, stoles and unique collections designed by hand with a unique style.

We meet your needs and expectations

In an ever-changing market, any organisation wishing to avenge must have a position of constant innovation and high flexibility.

At A&A Vesa you will find a team accustomed to satisfying the most diverse requirements of Customers, presenting innovative solutions in an admittedly short period.

Also at the environmental level, we have been implementing technologies that are increasingly environmentally friendly to allow the sustained development of the organisation, in harmony with the environment and the surrounding society.

Comfort, sensuality, intimacy, luxury and nobility.

Our furs are already known in the market for their high standards of quality and innovation.

In fur tannery, we have at your disposal a vast variety of furs for the most diverse solutions.

If you still can not find what you are looking for, please let us know, we have the solution.

The style of A&A Vesa is clearly visible in the rich communication program that for years has created a reference model at national level synonymous with quality and innovation.

The interest that A&A Vesa raises in the general public is determined both by the product and by the communication strategies created by the Creative Director, always at the forefront and precursor of market demands.

A&A Vesa realises and sells exclusively collections of fur rigorously designed and produced in Romania.

It is necessary to indicate this aspect because Romania quality, from concept to production to finishes, is distinguished from products that do not come from our fur factory.

100% Original Quality System

The processing of A&A Vesa fur meets the strictest quality standards.

This patent certifies that all our products are:

  • Built with quality natural materials and of first choice quality
  • Made with exclusive designs and design of the company
  • Built by adopting traditional craftsmanship
  • Manufactured entirely in A&A Vesa Factory

Continuously improve in pursuit of excellence

A&A Vesa fur company has long put customer satisfaction at the top of its priorities, always respecting the environment and the surrounding community. Nevertheless, we are already working on ambitious new targets. We always in search of EXCELLENCE.