Various building materials for different climates

Various Construction Materials for Different Climates

Building a home is based on several factors. One of the most important factors in choosing materials for a home is the weather. Of course, we guarantee that the materials we use to build a house are compatible with the type of climate in which the property will be built.

Why consider the weather while looking for the right materials? This is simply because the weather has an important effect on the functionality of a building or structure. Climate is a significant factor in the life time, environmental performance and durability of construction materials.

When choosing materials to suit the climate in building houses or buildings, there are some important considerations to keep in mind. First, it is to consider the effect of architectural design and structure on human thermal comfort, which includes window conditions, layout, ventilation and shading in the indoor climate. Secondly, the weather conditions may differ from the central climatic conditions, such as wind speed, temperature and humidity.

Let’s take the Philippines for example. The climate in this place is humid and most of the building materials used in construction are concrete. Many buildings and homes are built with the use of concrete materials for the simple reason that it is durable in the rain. The country experiences about twenty typhoons every year and floods are always a possibility, particularly in the city and in lower places.

There are about fifteen different types of building materials available for choice in building houses and buildings. However, knowing the type of climate or climate of a particular place is the first step in choosing and deciding which materials are appropriate for building. For each builder, climate consideration is essential to building an efficient and efficient home.

Various building materials for different climates

If you notice, there are many historic buildings that have been abandoned for years and years and even centuries. However, they still exist so far. This is due to their durability to withstand the climatic conditions of the place where they are located.

Most of the old buildings in some countries were built of brick, stone and mortar in random link with local handicrafts by builders who continue to use the older methods in building structures and these buildings have survived for over three hundred years without the need for repair or maintenance .

Some houses in other parts of the world, particularly under normal weather conditions, were constructed differently with the use of stones cut on the outer surface to avoid that the main wall structures, which are composed of mortar and stone rubble, come from the adverse climatic conditions of these areas.

It just shows that ancient peoples used construvtion materials and techniques appropriate to the climate of a place so that the intention to keep these places would survive through the centuries and remain as symbols of their hard work, practicality and ingenuity through time.

When you want to build a new home, always consider which building materials you need to pick and where to buy them. No matter what type of material you need, importing construction materials from China can be the best decision for your budget.

If you belong to an area where the climate is predominantly cold, you should choose materials that properly insulate your home and, at the same time, withstand the worst cold conditions. On the other hand, if you are living in a hot climate, consider materials that will make your home fresher and will be able to withstand the intense heat possible.