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WhatsApp Plus vs WhatsApp

The disappearance of WhatsApp Plus left many users who are not happy with the possibilities offered by the official WhatsApp without the ability to customize their applications. To rescue all these comes WhatsMapp , which at the moment is not on the “blacklist” of WhatsApp and that before it incorporates antibane code . It allows to make many changes to personalize the interface of the application among them to have the normal emojis in WhatsApp and not those of Google, among others.


As you can see, these are the main differences with respect to the original WhatsApp, but is very similar to WhatsApp Plus and there is a new Whatsapp plus 2019 version, which mainly focus on customization options so that the user can adapt the messaging service to their liking. Best of all, it is free, so we do not lose anything if we want to try it and thus leave doubts about whether we like it more or less.

Features of WhatsMapp

  • Choose WhatsMapp with Google emojis or WhatsMapp with normal emojis
  • Change the color of the sandwiches and the tabs of conversations
  • Change the application icon
  • Change the color of the notification in the navigation bar and status
  • Account anti-lock option
  • Hides the text of “writing”
Is it safe to use it?

If you have doubts about the security that WhatsMapp can offer, you should consider that its developers have informed that the latest version of the service has the inclusion of a code that avoids WhatsApp bans.