Who can apply for a patent

The patents concerns towards the exclusive right, granted by the government, to make use of an invention or a process for one specific period, usually 14 years at 20 years.

According to the law, only the inventor can request patents, with certain exceptions. If a person who is not the inventor requests patent, the patent, if it were obtained, would be inadmissible. The person applying in this case which declares wrongfully that he is the inventor would be prone also to criminal penalties. If the inventor died, the request can be made by the legal representatives. If the inventor is alienated, the patent application can be made by a guard. If an inventor refuses to request patents or cannot be found, a common inventor or a person having an interest of industrial property for the invention can apply in the name of the inventor of not-signature.

If two people or more make an invention jointly, they request patents as common inventors. A person who makes a financial contribution is not a common inventor and cannot be associated with the application as an inventor. It is possible to correct an innocent error by omitting an inventor incorrectly or by calling a person as an inventor incorrectly. Leaders and the employees of the office of patents and registered trademark are prohibited by law of the request concerning of the patents or acquisition, directly or indirectly, unless by the transmission or the legacy, all the patents or any right or interest for all the patents ass you can learn fromĀ

The patents allow the inventor others to make and employ the invention for at fixed period of time. After this period expired the lines with the patents can be employed by others to produce or employ your invention. Without recording, it is difficult to prevent others making and from employing your invention. Not all the inventions can be patented. To be able to patent an invention, it must be new and it must be inventive.

An invention tends to being considered only as a new if it adapts what follows:

  • was not shown or described with the public (so in a publication, by exposure or verbally) in the whole world before depositing an patent application.

The sale, obtaining the orders or the test to obtain orders can also make a recording of patent inadmissible. To ensure that a recording is valid the new inventions must be maintained secret. The discussions about etc of sale, of marketing also could cancel the recording. Consequently, all the new details of invention must be maintained secret if you want to obtain the inscription validates with them in the future.

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