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Why Career Coaching Can be Right for You

At times, we all reach points in our careers where we wish we had greater clarity. We desire clarity about what path our careers are leading us on, and we desire fulfillment from our jobs.

What am I doing in my career? What does my job mean? How can I change the world? Is there a career for me that feels like less work, and more like a part of myself? These are questions commonly faced by professionals of all level from time to time, and they can be difficult for an individual to sort out on his or her own.

Career coaching is a profession dedicated to helping professionals sort out these issues within their careers.

Career coaching is a process by which an individual works with a professional coach to work through and towards goals, milestones, and success in his or her career. Career coaching is a focused and ongoing conversation with and about one’s professional life and how it relates to one’s personal values, standards, and aspirations.

Depending on the desires and needs of the client, a career coach may work with the client to:

  • Define professional goals
  • Define obstacles standing in the way of professional goals
  • Discuss ways to mine through or handle obstacles standing in the way of professional goals
  • The career coaching process involves:
  • An evaluation of desired goals and present obstacles
  • Create and maintain an accountable action plan
  • Regular check-ins between the coach and client
  • Regular revisiting, reevaluation, and redefinition of desired goals and present obstacles

For many professionals who have engaged in career coaching, the benefits are immeasurably remarkable. Many professionals attribute their entire success to the conversation career coaching created between themselves and their careers.

When one’s professional life is focused on goals and obtaining goals, it becomes much easier for the individual to evaluate happenings in his or her day as they relate to that goal. Engaging in careers coaching and therefore being in constant communication about and with one’s professional lives, often frees one from the emotional distress that comes with a lack of clarity in one’s career.

In order to fully engage in a conversation around one’s career, a report must be established between the client and the coach. Choosing a career coach is much like choosing other professionals in your life – a therapist, a doctor, even a hairstylist. You must feel comfortable enough to relay to a coach what you really intend in order to feel the full benefits of career coaching.

The relationship between a client and careers coach is a professional relationship and should be kept as so. More often than not, one’s personal life plays into how he or she reacts in the workplace or how his or her goals are established. If one does not feel he or she is speaking to a coach who is completely impartial, true honesty cannot be established and effective coaching cannot occur.

Like professionals who seek coaching, coaches come in a variety of types and from a variety of backgrounds. While some clients may find it helpful for a coach to have professional experience in the field he or she is being coached on, other clients may feel they would prefer someone who talks about the workplace in a less literal, more theoretical way.

How to find a career coach:

Many prospective clients have difficulty envisioning working with a coach because they do not know how to find a career coach. While finding the right career coach for your life and career is integral to the coaching process, it is not impossible. Many resources and databases have been established to put prospective clients in touch with coaches. Our recommendation goes to Trusted Coaching London. They have one on one coaching, workshops from career workshops to graduates workshops, and are offering all types of coaching, life coaching, executive coaching, international graduates coaching, business coaching for companies and more.