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Why Hotmail is Not Working on my Devices?

Hotmail is web based best email service. It has billions of user across the world. The email service was founded in 1996 by Sabir Bhatiya, and it has been sold to Microsoft in 1997 . Hotmail is not limited to providing web mail services only. They are also offering , contact, calendar and other valuable services to their users.

But Hotmail has been migrated into That’s why some old users are having little problem with their old hotmail account. Sometimes they are not able to login with their account and sometimes they are not able to open webmail functions.

So most of the time, people are complaining that hotmail is not working. This problem is usually coming because of some common errors. Here is the solution for fixing the problem.

Browser Problem – Usually when you do not optimize your browser properly it creates issues for you. So you should optimize your browser properly. You should do following things to optimize your browser.

Delete History and Cookies From Your Browser.
Reset your browser .

After Optimizing or resetting your browser, you should reboot your computer and then try to login with your hotmail account.

Incorrect Password – Hotmail takes security issues very seriously. So if you are typing the incorrect your username and password. It won’t allow you to sign in.

If you are not sure about your password, you can try to reset your password by using the recovery options.

You may try to reset the password by following these options:

  • Open your browser and type┬áLogin
  • Now you need to type your email address and click next.
  • Bellow the password box, you will able to see an option called “forget My password”, Click on it.
  • Here you will see few options, you need to select forgot my password and type the captcha code.
  • Finally you will reach to account verification options. So you need to select verification mode and click next.

If you verify your account successfully then you will get an option to change your password. So you can type your new secure password click on submit.

After changing the password, you can try to login to your hotmail account via your new password.

Change alias name – If sometimes, you are able to sign in with your account but sometimes you are not able to sign in with your account. This means you have problem with your username. So you should add one another alias name and make it into

After changing your alias name, I hope this will start working fine.

Change DNS address – If you are going to but it is not loading. This problem might because of incorrect dns address. so you should change the dns address and make primary address as – and secondary as and reboot your computer. Hope this will start working fine.